smile on a coffee

Can you guess what is this?? yeah. its really obvious that this is not a plain
coffee tumbler, well you could just guess what's its original purpose...?

 keep guessing my dears... hahaha

TADA! its a camera! cute right? 

to bad I never experience to use this. It was an old gift for my sister back when she had her 18th birthday
the time wherein digi-cams are a head turner  and so who would have thought on bothering 
on a film camera? and now she's 24, it was too late and as a lot of filmed cameras are on its hike/trend nowadays the batteries on this camera leaked for I didn't know how long. which results to ..yes, may this rest in peace.

I know this blog doesn't mean anything but nevertheless I just wanted to share this.


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  2. omg O.o so nice o: