Illustrating pretty people

 Illustrating the whole leonardo-Iriberri gang since I have a lot of time.

hey ya'll this is my Dad Eric Iriberri also known as "Likot"
back when I performed at his hometown 13 yrs. ago I took a stroll at their subd. park 
and every person that passes me by would say "uy! ikaw yung anak ni Likot" and yeeeess.. sikat!

but whhaat seriously?? you dont know my name? pfft. haha

well, this is my mom Beck-Beck I sometimes call her Beck-beck 
or Mother and yeah also Mama.

my first sister

and the second

and yeah I'm included in these "pretty people" I illustrated

probably my younger sister. ? haha

my jr. brother. Yes, he is a jr. when my mom was in the middle of giving birth process 
"thingy" she kind of ask her doctor to "stitch" (I dont know what, I never got the chance to ask)
so that she could no longer be pregnant as far as I know my mom really did waited for a baby boy
and if that happens it would be the last. 

and so we adopted another baby brother!! HAHA kidding this kid just grew inside my mom's tummy 
without expecting. (and yeah the stisch thingy didn't worked). and my dad named him 
Anderson shortcut for another-son (anson) and the elder one is 
Osnei the abbreviation for Only Son Ni Eric Iriberri (Eric Iriberri is my dad.) cool right?

AND HERE IT IS: taddaa!! an 8 member  family. 

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  1. great *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!