smile on a coffee

Can you guess what is this?? yeah. its really obvious that this is not a plain
coffee tumbler, well you could just guess what's its original purpose...?


It aint matter what your camera is

You might be wondering why I've been lacking on blog post lately, aside from looking for a job (which I started to do now.) my sisters camera are quite on a operation due to its flash that stopped working, pfft.. 
and so I rummage through some cabinets to find any old camera or digital cam wherein a could snap on a rainy day.

as you all figured it out: I really love taking pictures on a cloudy/ rainy day where the weather is so
lousy and yet comforting.


Illustrating pretty people

 Illustrating the whole leonardo-Iriberri gang since I have a lot of time.

hey ya'll this is my Dad Eric Iriberri also known as "Likot"
back when I performed at his hometown 13 yrs. ago I took a stroll at their subd. park 
and every person that passes me by would say "uy! ikaw yung anak ni Likot" and yeeeess.. sikat!


photo: Pretty stuffs from dears.....

all the gold in my box: shredded gold key-chain form alaska , wired accessories from anagon 

oh yeaahhh!! the most precious thimble for jerusalem

artsy fartsy passport: cover from trinoma, landmark

I thought of designing my painting book this way but I could help but to color it pink. :)