Add glamour to your bikini body with these sheer dress that can be worn as cover up,
 PERFECT for a day walk and night life.

Make a statement with this full printed top, RAWR!!.

Tired of seeing the usual two-piece bikini? How about an asymmetrical body-con swimsuit.

You cant be always hitti'n the beach, so score your look with these light and 
comfy yet corporate looking origami skirt.

Matching tops and bottoms are fast trending now a days, so why not score yourself one?

Boyfriend pants again? not until they're in washed color.

You can never go wrong with a crop cardigan during these spring season, ITS A MUST HAVE.

How about wrapping yourself with these oversized tunics? perfect for the warm and windy season.

Add details to those wrap skirts vertical stripes are the in this season.

Gone with those owls, tiger prints are seen mostly anywhere, so how about breaking into cats perhaps?.

Skinny jeans are boring not with these pair of brocade detailed jeans.!

Spend this holiday season looking fab and shmexy with these brocade detailed dress that
curves your body in an instant

On a tropical season, how would you wear layers of clothes without the discomfort? 
the answer?! ILLUSION, cut & sew would do.

Stand out with these edgy asymmetrical cut skirt, so fab and yet so in with its 
emerald shade, THE COLOUR OF THE YEAR!

Ombre are so everywhere, so elevate your style with these b&w ombre pants.

As you can see, I added some infos in every design I made to utilize the purpose of every piece., 
Thank you for your time and hoping to be working with you sometime. :)

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